If you don’t fancy new designer radiators, but want your existing radiators to look prettier and perhaps less obtrusive, then radiator covers could well be the option for you. Radiator covers can be metal or wood, and the best-designed ones do not inhibit the function of your radiators or the amount of heat they produce.

Wooden radiator screens usually come with metal screens to better facilitate convection – often making convection more effective since the heat is funnelled towards whoever is nearest the radiator, rather than towards the ceiling. Wooden radiator covers can also double as bookshelves or units. Warm air from radiators tends to be dry and so the wood – which is selected and treated to be heat-resistant – is in no danger of warping.

Metal covers are just as effective, but since many covers are bought to prevent young children from touching hot radiators, then parents may wish to opt for wood as a safer option.

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